Tour Dates

    There are no dates yet.



New photos from the barn!

We just added new photos on our Facebook from the barn recording. We are also underway with releasing a behind the scenes video about the recording. Check it out here!…

Recording drums

This weekend we recorded drums for the new single that we will release at the beginning of the summer. Finally it’s underway and running and hopefully we will have som…

Good news everyone!

Hi Amplifans! We will shortly be announcing some tour dates for the upcoming spring. Stay tuned for updates.

Maillist now active

Well now we finally have our newsletter up and running! Was a bit of a hassle but i think it’s working perfect.   Sign up on the main page for…


We’re really excited over here! We got our first air time on Candaian radio CIUT 89.5 FM! They played two of our tracks, She’s bad and Mexico. Big shout out…

ITunes here we are

Hello Amplifans! We’re glad to announce that Amplified finally is out on Itunes. So plug in your Ipod or what you might have and download some songs!